The MUHS PROJECT is an online digital repository representing the life of opera singer Marietta Muhs. 

**After the correspondence materials are posted and made into a collection, I will begin uploading photos and other miscellaneous items. A full bio will be constructed as each new item lets me peek a bit through the window of her world. Lastly, over time I will upload and sort several hundred newspaper clippings. 

Please address all questions to the email address below. 

D. Adomaitis
Florida State University

Recently Added Items

Unidentified Photo (3)

Unknown Photo (3).gif

This photograph of Marietta, taken in someone's home, has no markings to further identify it.

Unidentified Photo (2)

Unknown Photo (2).gif

Perhaps a photo of Arthur Consenza, Marietta's eventual husband and fellow opera star. Photo by Moss Photo, NY. Signature on photo states, "J.…

Unidentified Photo (1)

Unknown Photo (1) FRONT.jpg

Perhaps after a performance, this photograph of Marietta was taken on October 25, 1962. There are two of these exact photos in the collection.